The Be A Sport team

In any activity there needs to be a goal. Our team goal is achieving a successful outcome for our clients.

Be A Sport had its rebirth in 2014 when the Newbery family took ownership of the business which had traded in the Burnside Village Shopping Centre for many years. Father and son Kent and Paul, together with Lisetta, began remodelling the business to create a lifestyle outlet for all ages.

One of the first initiatives was to negotiate and look at larger premises and consider whether a location change would be of benefit. This took over 12 months to do and eventually the move to Northpark became a reality.

Enthusiasm is the foundation of our team performance. We are all passionate about sport and fitness and have a wide range of experience and on-going involvement in a range of activities.

We all appreciate the importance of a positive team culture and commitment to achieving aims.

We are continually attending trade shows and training sessions to keep up with the very latest range of products and update our knowledge. And with our emphasis on customer service, you are sure to receive the best attention possible.

So come and meet your Be A Sport team. You're the reason we are here.