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Be A Sport for comfort and freedom of movement.

Be A Sport stocks a range of sporting wear and day wear for children in fabrics and styles that promote freedom of movement during their sporting or leisure activity.

Kids need great fit and good fabrics when it comes to selecting the right sportswear or footwear. Give them the freedom to move and grow with lightweight and easy dry fabrics. Jackets, hoodies, sportswear, it's all here at Be A Sport. Talk to us about your kids sports activities and we will help you find the right gear. 


Fit your kid's shoes correctly with our help.

Our team are especially attentive to children’s’ growth needs and will help you determine the best fit for your child, to provide for growth and comfort.

We want happy faces and happy feet!

And we can cater for school too with a selection of plain black styles of sport shoes which offer durability and comfort for active, growing feet.

For parents who want to give their children the edge in any competition, specialist athletics shoes are well worth the outlay. Cutting edge technology has been used to create aspects of the shoe or boot to deliver optimum performance. Give your kids the best chance to succeed, visit our store for expert advice.



Put Your Feet First with Quality Sports Shoes. Fit | Comfort | Performance. 

Be A Sport for comfort and correct fit.

Be A Sport delivers comfort and fit for any age, function and style.

These days a lot of science goes into developing athletic footwear. Be A Sport will advise on the features of each style and suggest those which will have the greatest benefit for you.

Most activities we pursue for health and fitness place extra stress on our feet. This causes discomfort, undermines our performance and can even lead to ongoing structural problems with our feet. Fitting shoes correctly is therefore paramount to great performance and healthy feet.

For leisure activities, we have a range of casual and leisurewear shoes, but with some sporting features to make the shoe more supportive. We stock a range of shoes for those who want all the advantages of top brand sports shoes without the outlay of the top brand prices so that you will find the right shoe within your budget.



"I was really enjoying my ride and just thinking how beautiful it was here and the next minute I was picking gravel out of my head."

Aussie equestrian rider Megan Jones.