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Be A Sport with the best sporting gear.

At Be A Sport we’ve got your game covered when it comes to having the right sports equipment.

We stock sporting goods for soccer, tennis, swimming, netball, yoga, football, cricket, athletics, basketball, water sports, squash, badminton, table tennis, hockey and more.

Racquets, bats, balls, sticks and accessories, we always mindful that we should be able to play our game without the huge outlay that sport often seems to need. We stock well-known brands and have equipment in sizes for all age groups.

If you belong to a Sporting Club, check whether they a member of our Partner Club Program. If so, the club can receive sponsorship rebate and you can receive discount off your purchase. SO EVERYONE'S A WINNER.


Tennis Racquet Re-strings

Our re-stringing service is an affordable way to add consistency to your game and extend your racquet life.

We offer a wide choice of strings, fast turn-around time and special off-season rates for country players.


"Mate, if you turn the bat over you'll find instructions on the back."

Merv Hughes to Robin Smith.